Pesticide Usage Surveys

Data on the usage of pesticides in the UK has been collated from across Great Britain for the last 50 years and continues to be collated today. The Land Use Sustainability team plays a leading role in this, applying their skills, knowledge and experience to gather the data, produce guidelines and create powerful, accessible databases for industry. We also participate in research projects through conducting surveys where compatible with pesticide usage surveys, and by bespoke interrogation and analysis of the extensive databases we hold.

Fera is commissioned to conduct agricultural, horticultural and amenity pesticide usage surveys by the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) of the Health and Safety Executive. The surveys are funded from the pesticides charge on turnover, and the costs are paid to Fera by CRD.

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Publication timetable and most recent surveys

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  • Survey year Crops to be surveyed Expected publication date
    2020 Arable crops in the UK November / December 2021
    2020 Soft fruit crops in the UK November / December 2021
    2020 Orchards in the UK December 2021 / January 2022
    2020 Potato stores in the UK January / February 2022
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Survey cycle

Since 2010 the surveys have followed a biennial cycle with arable, potato storage, soft fruit and orchards being conducted in even years (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 etc.) and outdoor vegetable and edible protected crops in odd years (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 etc.)

Surveys of grassland & fodder crops (last survey 2017) and amenity situations (last survey 2016) are conducted every four years.

Specific Requests

Requests for data other than those available in the standard searches can be obtained from the survey team by contacting

For detailed requests there may be an associated charge to cover the cost of the time taken in manipulating the data.