This application presents pesticide usage data relating to Great Britain from 1990 onwards and for the United Kingdom from 2010 onwards. The programme of pesticide usage surveys are commissioned by the independent Expert Committee on Pesticides and funded by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate. Data are collected by the Pesticide Usage Survey Teams at Fera Science Ltd, the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency and the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute of Northern Ireland.

Specific Requests

Requests for data other than those available in the standard searches can be obtained from the survey team by contacting

[You must enable JavaScript to see this email address]
. For detailed requests there may be an associated charge to cover the cost of the time taken in manipulating the data.

Outdoor and Protected Crops

The following options allow you to access data from the surveys of outdoor and protected crops in a number of different formats.

Table Format Table Format: Results for area treated and amount applied are displayed in tabular format for your chosen criteria, selected from the drop down lists. To save a copy, highlight the resulting output and paste as "text" into Excel

Graph Format Graph Format: Results for either area treated, amount applied or amount applied per hectare are displayed in graphical format for your chosen criteria, selected from the drop down lists.

Number of Times Treated Number of Times Treated: Firstly, choose the crop group you are interested in from the drop down list. The actives used on that crop group will form the list for the next search page. Now choose the active you are interested in. This will produce a bar chart of the percentage area treated once, twice, three times, four times and more than four times, as a percentage of the area grown. Superimposed on this, is a line graph of the total area treated as a percentage of the area grown.

Stored Crops

This search includes data for pesticide applications to stored crops but excludes treatments to equipment and the fabric of the store. Results are displayed in graphical format with links to a table of source data.

Amenity Survey

The main PUSSTATS application only includes data on land based applications to agriculture and horticulture. For Amenity Survey applications please use the Amenity Survey section.

Aerial Spraying

The main PUSSTATS application only includes data on land based applications. For aerial applications please use the Aerial Survey section.

Note: Data are presented using new crop and chemical groups, therefore figures are not directly comparable to the Pesticide Usage Survey reports. The PUSSTATS application is specifically designed to produce data on individual active substances and as such may overestimate the total area treated when looking at "All pesticides" or usage of a specific pesticide group. This is due to the use of product formulations which contain more than one active substance. The weight of active substances used is always correct as the application takes into account the percentage of each active substance within a formulated product.

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