UK Risk Register Details for Circulifer tenellus

Common Names

  • Beet leafhopper
  • Leafhopper, beet

Scenario and Pathways

Scenario for Risk Register

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  • Pest is introduced with the pathogen

Pathway Assessed for Entry to UK

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  • Plants for planting (except seeds bulbs and tubers)

Common Pathways

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This section is currently being developed as part of the next phase of the Risk Register.

Risk Ratings and Current Mitigations

Unmitigated Risks

Likelihood [1 - 5] 2
Spread [1 - 5] 5
Impact [1 - 5] 4
Value at Risk [1 - 5] 5
Likelihood x Impact [1 - 25] 8
UK Relative Risk Rating [1 - 125] 40

Current Mitigations

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Key mitigation for pest

EU regulated pest on citrus plants only



Industry Scheme

Contingency Plan



Mitigated Risks

Likelihood [1 - 5] 2
Spread [1 - 5] 5
Impact [1 - 5] 4
Value at Risk [1 - 5] 5
Likelihood x Impact [1 - 25] 8
UK Relative Risk Rating [1 - 125] 40

Proposed Actions

Proposed Actions



Management By Industry

Targeted Survey


Contingency Plan



Distribution and Pest Details


Country Status Notes
Spain Present
France Present (Limited)
United Kingdom Absent
Greece Present
Italy Present (Limited)
Malta Present
Turkey Present
North America Present
Canada Present (Limited)
Jamaica Present
Mexico Present
Puerto Rico Present
United States Present (Limited)
Algeria Present
Egypt Present
Libya Present
Morocco Present
Namibia Present
Sudan Present
Tunisia Present
South Africa Present
Israel Present
India Present
Iran Present
Kyrgyzstan Present
Saudi Arabia Present
Tajikistan Present
Turkmenistan Present
Uzbekistan Present

Type of Pest

  • Insect (Hemiptera)

Host or Industry at Risk

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Total outdoor production

Major Hosts

  • Armoracia lapathifolia Gilib. Ex Usteri
  • Atriplex L.
  • Beta vulgaris L.
  • Brassica L.
  • Capsicum L.
  • Cucurbitaceae
  • Solanum lycopersicum L.
  • Phaseolus L.
  • Salsola kali L.
  • Solanum andigenum Juz. & Buk.
  • Spinacia oleracea L.
  • Citrus
  • Plants (general)

Threats to Protected Cultivation

Forest Tree Pests and Pathogens

Further Information

PRA Availability

PRA not available

EU and EPPO Listing


Actions Indicated

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Statutory action against findings on regulated hosts.

General Comments

Pest of solanaceous crops, brassica and sugar beet, present in parts of the EU. Limited potential to establish in the UK, with some uncertainty. EU regulatory status is under review.

Risk Records for this Pest