UK Risk Register Details for Etiella zinckenella

Pest has been archived

This pest has been assessed for the Risk Register and is considered to pose a low risk to the UK. The information on this pest was correct as of 16/04/2020, but is no longer actively maintained. It will only be updated if new information is received which indicates the potential for a significant increase in risk to the UK.

This record was last updated on 16/04/2020

Common Names

  • Lima-bean pod borer
  • Pea pod borer

Scenario and Pathways

Scenario for Risk Register

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  • Pest is introduced

Pathway Assessed for Entry to UK

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  • Fruits or vegetables

Common Pathways

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This section is currently being developed as part of the next phase of the Risk Register.

Risk Ratings and Current Mitigations

Unmitigated Risks

Likelihood [1 - 5] 2
Spread [1 - 5] 5
Impact [1 - 5] 3
Value at Risk [1 - 5] 4
Likelihood x Impact [1 - 25] 6
UK Relative Risk Rating [1 - 125] 24

Current Mitigations

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Key mitigation for pest



Industry Scheme

Contingency Plan



Mitigated Risks

Likelihood [1 - 5] 2
Spread [1 - 5] 5
Impact [1 - 5] 3
Value at Risk [1 - 5] 4
Likelihood x Impact [1 - 25] 6
UK Relative Risk Rating [1 - 125] 24

Proposed Actions

Proposed Actions



Management By Industry

Targeted Survey


Contingency Plan



Distribution and Pest Details


Country Status Notes
Austria Present
Bulgaria Present
Cyprus Present
Czech Republic Present
Germany Present
Spain Present
France Present
United Kingdom Absent Very occasional migrant/associated with imported food only
Greece Present
Hungary Present
Italy Present
Portugal Present
Romania Present
Serbia Present
Slovakia Present
Turkey Present
Ukraine Present
North America
Canada Present (Limited)
Mexico Present
United States Present
South America Present
Brazil Present
Chile Present
Colombia Present
Ecuador Present
French Guiana Present
Peru Present
Paraguay Present
Uruguay Present
Venezuela Present
Oceania Present
Australia Present (Limited)
Fiji Present
New Caledonia Present
Papua New Guinea Present
Solomon Islands Present
Samoa Present
Africa Present
Congo (Democratic Rep.) Present
Cape Verde Present
Algeria Present
Egypt Present
Ethiopia Present
Ghana Present
Gambia Present
Kenya Present
Comoros Present
Lesotho Present
Morocco Present
Madagascar Present
Mauritius Present
Malawi Present
Namibia Present
Nigeria Present
Reunion Present
Seychelles Present
Sudan Present
Sierra Leone Present
Sao Tome and Principe Present
Tanzania Present
Uganda Present
South Africa Present
Zimbabwe Present
Asia Present
United Arab Emirates Present
Bhutan Present
China Present
Indonesia Present
India Present
Iran Present
Japan Present
South Korea Present
Lebanon Present
Sri Lanka Present
Myanmar Present
Nepal Present
Philippines Present
Pakistan Present
Saudi Arabia Present
Thailand Present
Taiwan Present
Vietnam Present
Yemen Present
Central America
Antigua and Barbuda Present
Bahamas Present
Cuba Present
Grenada Present
Jamaica Present
Nicaragua Present
Puerto Rico Present
El Salvador Present

Type of Pest

  • Insect (Lepidoptera)

Host or Industry at Risk

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Pisum sativum, Phaseolus vulgaris

Major Hosts

  • Dolichos lablab L.
  • Leguminosae
  • Phaseolus vulgaris L.
  • Pisum sativum Linnaeus
  • Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) Dc.
  • Vicia L.
  • Vigna unguiculata (Linnaeus) Walpers

Threats to Protected Cultivation

Forest Tree Pests and Pathogens

Further Information

PRA Availability

UK (2013)

Regulation and EPPO listing

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Not currently listed

Actions Indicated

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No statutory action on findings

General Comments

Moth pest of peas and beans intercepted in the UK on plant produce with some interceptions now being made on pepper. Unlikely to pose a significant threat, as would not survive UK winters outdoors and suitable hosts are not grown in protected cultivation. Maintain a watching brief for any reports of E. zinckenella on peppers, especially if from Europe and/or glasshouses.

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