UK Risk Register Details for Chrysobothris femorata

This record was last updated on 02/05/2019

Common Names

  • Apple tree, borer, flatheaded

Scenario and Pathways

Scenario for Risk Register

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  • Pest is introduced

Pathway Assessed for Entry to UK

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  • Firewood

Common Pathways

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This section is currently being developed as part of the next phase of the Risk Register.

Risk Ratings and Current Mitigations

Unmitigated Risks

Likelihood [1 - 5] 4
Spread [1 - 5] 3
Impact [1 - 5] 3
Value at Risk [1 - 5] 5
Likelihood x Impact [1 - 25] 12
UK Relative Risk Rating [1 - 125] 60

Current Mitigations

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Key mitigation for pest

Wood in the form of chips, particles, wood waste or scrap and obtained in whole or part from Acer saccharum Marsh. Castanea Mill., Platanus L., Populus L. and Quercus L., originating in non-European countries must have been produced exclusively from wood which was stripped of its bark or which has undergone either kiln-drying to below 20% moisture content, expressed as a percentage of dry matter, at time of manufacture, achieved through an appropriate time/temperature schedule of fumigation shipboard or in a container prior to shipment, and shall be shipped in sealed containers or in such a way as to prevent any re-infestation.



Industry Scheme

Contingency Plan



Mitigated Risks

Likelihood [1 - 5] 3
Spread [1 - 5] 3
Impact [1 - 5] 3
Value at Risk [1 - 5] 5
Likelihood x Impact [1 - 25] 9
UK Relative Risk Rating [1 - 125] 45

Proposed Actions

Proposed Actions



Management By Industry

Targeted Survey


Contingency Plan



Distribution and Pest Details


Country Status Notes
United Kingdom Absent
North America
Canada Present
United States Present

Type of Pest

  • Insect (Coleoptera)

Host or Industry at Risk

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Broadleaved trees

Major Hosts

  • Acer rubrum L.
  • Acer saccharinum L.
  • Amelanchier arborea (Michx.F.) Fern.
  • Carpinus betulus L.
  • Carpinus caroliniana Walt.
  • Carpinus japonica Blume
  • Carya illinoinensis K.Koch
  • Castanea dentata (Marsh.) Borkh.
  • Celtis occidentalis L.
  • Cercis canadensis L.
  • Cornus L.
  • Cornus kousa (Buerg.) Hance
  • Cotoneaster Ehrh.
  • Crataegus L.
  • Crataegus viridis Linnaeus
  • Cydonia oblonga Mill.
  • Diospyros kaki L.
  • Juglans cinerea L.
  • Liquidambar styraciflua L.
  • Malus Mill.
  • Malus domestica Borkhausen
  • Ostrya virginiana (Mill.) K.Koch
  • Platanus occidentalis L.
  • Populus tremuloides Michx.
  • Prunus armeniaca L.
  • Prunus domestica ssp. domestica L.
  • Prunus persica Batsch
  • Quercus agrifolia Nee
  • Quercus kelloggii Newb.
  • Quercus laurifolia Michx.
  • Quercus lobata Nee
  • Quercus wislizenii A.Dc.
  • Salix lasiolepis Benth.
  • Salix nigra Marsh.
  • Sorbus americana Marsh.
  • Tilia americana L.
  • Ulmus americana L.
  • Ulmus parvifolia Jacq.
  • Ulmus rubra Muehlenb.
  • Acer negundo
  • Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Threats to Protected Cultivation

  • N/A

Forest Tree Pests and Pathogens

  • Broadleaved

Further Information

PRA Availability

PRA not available

Regulation and EPPO listing

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Not currently listed

Actions Indicated

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Statutory action against findings

General Comments

Polyphagous pest present in North America, where there have been significant economic impacts on ornamental trees and in apple orchards. A PRA will help to better assess the level of risk to the UK.

Further Information


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Key uncertainty for pest

Whether the pest causes problematic damage in cooler climates, particularly climates similar to that of the UK.


Current distribution






UK distribution

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