The UK Plant Health Risk Register is a major step in implementing the recommendations of the independent Task Force on Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity. It is a tool for government, industry and stakeholders to prioritise action against pests and diseases which threaten our crops, trees, gardens and countryside. The Register is publicly available.

Plant pests not yet on the Risk Register may still be subject to plant health controls. The Plant Health Risk Register does not represent a comprehensive record of all pests of plant health concern, it is an evolving document to which more pests are being added every month.

Phase 1 UK Plant Health Risk Register - Summary Guide (pdf)

Risk Register News

  • Updates April 2016 13/04/2016

    The following pests have been added to the Risk Register:...
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  • Updates and Additions 31/03/2016

    The following pests have been added to the Risk Register:...
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  • Additions and Changes to Risk Register Entries 07/03/2016

    The following pests have recently been added to the Risk Register:...
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  • Epitrix potato flea beetles 29/02/2016

    Previously, two North American species of potato flea beetle were thought to have been introduced to...
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  • Recent Interceptions 22/02/2016

    The following pests have been intercepted recently, but judged to be very low risk to the UK:...
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  • Recent Updates to the Risk Register 01/02/2016

    Bacterial spot of tomatoes and peppers is a damaging disease that can be caused by a range of pathog...
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  • Latest Pest Alerts and Factsheets 14/01/2016

    Several new pest alerts and factsheets are available. All of the published pest fact sheets can be f...
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  • Ambrosia and Bark Beetles 08/01/2016

    Ambrosia and bark beetles can be serious pests of forestry – often reducing the value of timbe...
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  • Updates to Risk Register Entries 29/12/2015

    The following Risk Register entries have been updated recently:...
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  • New Pests Added to the Risk Register 30/11/2015

    The following pests have been added to the UK Plant Health Risk Register recently:...
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  • Butt and Root Rots 26/11/2015

    The butt and ro its spores land on the exposed surfaces of cut stumps. The fungus then grows through...
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  • New Entries for Rust Fungi 28/10/2015

    The following rust fungi have been added to the Risk Register: ...
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  • Atropellis cankers 22/10/2015

    The fungal pathogens Atropellis spp. are EU regulated pests that cause cankers on a range o...
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  • Updates to Entries 21/10/2015

    In response to findings of Xylella fastidiosa in Corsica and mainland France, there are now...
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  • Pest and Disease Factsheets and Pest Alerts 13/10/2015

    Pest and disease factsheets are now available on the Risk Register website and can be found View More

Example Searches

Which entries are pests of Fraxinus?

Which entries are pests of Solanum?

Which pests have a PRA available?

These are examples of some of the kinds of searches which are possible within the Risk Register and if you have any suggestions for additional searches please feel free to provide these via the feedback box at the bottom of this page.