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Survey Database

Welcome to the hedgerow survey database.

This central database has been developed to collate data which has been collected using the standard survey method and survey form. For full details of the survey methodology please go here

To view information on surveys currently recorded on this database please click the Maps link on the left. Information on the map will identify 10km squares where assessments have been carried out but will not identify the number of assessments carried out in the area.

All data recorded on the database is with the consent of landowners, and landowners may request to have their data removed at any point.

It is easy to add your survey assessments to this central database, and work is ongoing to ensure that appropriate data analysis tools are available for those survey managers who choose to record assessment data here. A full data download is already available to survey managers.

Access to the database is granted on a 'role' basis, to ensure confidentiality of all data recorded. Users will be granted access to the relevant surveys only, and for that survey will have access as read-only, edit or administration levels depending upon their role.

To request an account

If you are a survey manager and wish to store the survey assessment data on this database, then please click Request an account from the menu on the left. Once Defra have confirmed that you are responsible for the survey you will be sent account details. User instructions are available once you have logged in.

If you require access to add survey assessment data, please contact your survey manager directly who will create a user account for you.