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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 613688

FI Results

FI Industrial Integration Tools

FI Industrial Integration Tools

A complete set of infographics in different European languages concerning foods, risks, analyses and specific case studies is now available online. They give an insight on how to work in both rapid screening and confirmatory analysis directions, exploring the potential/performance/effectiveness of a number of profiling/fingerprinting/targeted or non-targeted methods & rapid screening high-throughput technologies, also combined with multivariate approaches.

Click the links below to download the Case Studies in your preferred language:

FoodIntegrity-Case Studies (English)

FoodIntegrity-Case Studies (French)

FoodIntegrity-Case Studies (German)

FoodIntegrity-Case Studies (Italian)

FoodIntegrity-Case Studies (Spanish)

Click the links below to download the InfoGraphics in your preferred language:

FoodIntegrity InfoGraphics (English)

FoodIntegrity InfoGraphics (French)

FoodIntegrity InfoGraphics (German)

FoodIntegrity InfoGraphics (Italian)

FoodIntegrity InfoGraphics (Spanish)

To download the 2 documents which report the various correspondent abstracts, click the following links:

An Industrial Integration video-tutorial is also available:
7 minutes to give a look into our work, what we have done, and how our project can help food industries to protect their business from frauds, hence strengthening the European food supply chain and assuring the circulation of authentic and reliable products. Industry guidelines & toolboxes relevant for the different stakeholders/food chains are indicated for further evaluations through the links and documents present into the FoodIntegrity website.
Click the following link to access the video:

Industry-perspective matrix

A collection which combines a lot of “little pieces” of relevant information from either a number of different food industry areas (vendor assurance, quality assurance, purchasing department, R&D, etc…) or a number of suppliers/co-packers along many different supply chains:

  • selecting useful information directly “industry-related”
  • extracting from all the methods, according to the problems, which is considered the most reliable one and which are the gaps in the sense of industry monitoring and control needs.
Click HERE to DOWNLOAD the Industry-perspective matrix

Chemical/microbiological markers summary

Selection/evaluation of relevant chemical/molecular biology markers that can be connected to specific quality, safety or authenticity aspects of both raw materials\ingredients and corresponding finished products.

Click the following links to DOWNLOAD the Chemical/microbiological markers summary

  1. Chemical markers summary
  2. Microbiological markers summary

FI Handbook

FI Handbook

FI Handbook on Food Authenticity Issues and Related Analytical Techniques

Click here to donwload Handbook: HANDBOOK

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

You can now watch FoodIntegrity Related Videos and Info-Graphics on the FI YouTube Channel.

YouTube Link : Food Integrity YouTube Channel

Some of the videos that can be found on the channel include:

Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis                                                  The future of NGS analysis in testing food authenticity

FoodIntegrity Video Industrial Integration 2018                        Video: Spectroscopy Case Study                           

CheckOrganic video 
                                                               Role of analytical testing for food fraud risk mitigation 

FoodIntegrity Infographics                                                       Mass spectrometric methods for food fraud analysis

FoodIntegrity App                                                                    Sampling guidelines for building and curating food authenticity databases

Multivariate statistics: considerations and confidences in food authenticity problems

Use of NMR applications to tackle future food fraud issues

FI Publications

FI Publications

Read the various published articles from the FoodIntegrity project parters.

Click here for the list of publications: PUBLICATIONS

FI Conferences

FI Conferences

6 Internationl Conferences held in 6 cities around Europe.

To find more information about each conference please follow this link: DISSEMINATION