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Early Warning for Septoria tritici   in treated crops - 1st stage 2013 prediction for disease levels at GS75

The colours on the risk image have been scaled to show how the severity of Septoria in 2016 is expected to deviate from the observed 10 year average (2006 - 2015) severity on leaf 2. Zones with a green to blue colour are predicted to have a lower severity than the 10 year average, those with a yellow through to red colour are predicted to be above the 10 year average.

By rolling over a particular region you can see the historic observed average severity, the forecast deviation for 2016 and how many weather stations have been used to generate the prediction.

  • After the relatively quiet year seen in 2015, the disease risk is forecast to be moderately more severe across most areas in 2016.
  • The extended winter conditions experienced so far in 2016 will have delayed the development of Septoria inoculum present in crops.
  • The rainfall during mid-April to June will have substantial effect on Septoria development as the season progresses. CropMonitor will issue an update to the forecast, if required, in mid May.

Read further details of risk prediction scheme.

Prediction: leaf severity 2

Hover over a region to view predicted risk.

cluster1 cluster2 cluster3 cluster4 cluster5 cluster6 cluster7 cluster8 cluster9 cluster10 cluster11 cluster12 cluster13 cluster14 cluster15 Map of England and Wales