Winter Oilseed Rape

Access to the latest monitoring reports and survey data for winter oilseed rape is available below, along with links to useful tools that help assess the risk from Phoma, Sclerotinia and Light leaf spot.

In-season monitoring

In 2004 and 2006, five oilseed rape crops were monitored to provide regular updates on disease severity and crop development. From the end of September, the assessments were carried out weekly until December, then monthly until the end of April 2006. A final assessment was carried out during pod filling.

AICC members will provide regular crop news from the regions throughout the season.

National surveys

A national survey of winter oilseed rape diseases has been undertaken annually since 1987 to monitor changes in incidence and severity of disease. Approximately 100 crops are monitored for diseases at three times throughout the season. View national survey data

Risk prediction

The forecast is based upon incidence of phoma canker the previous season, total rainfall in September/October, total rainfall in February/March and temperatur in February.
Light leaf spot
The forecast is based upon the amount of pod disease the previous summer, summer temperature, the number of days during the winter with above average rainfall for the region.
Sclerotinia (link to HGCA website)
HGCA Oilseed Sclerotinia decision guide
Pests decision tool is coming soon